The Morden Rules Of Customer Satisfaction.

What you are going to learn here.


1- What is customer satisfaction?

2-What Are The two C’s Of customer satisfaction?

3-How to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

4-How to Increase Customer satisfaction?

This is the Ultimate Guide for learning Everything about customer satisfaction

If you learn The key principles. Then I am sure your customer is going to be satisfied. And that’s my guarantee.

So, let’s get started, My friend. If you Like this Post please share it as it gives me the motivation to write more and more.

1-What is customer satisfaction?

Let me tell you In most simple language,

Customer satisfaction is a Metric that refers to the degree to which the customer expectations have been met.

Meet your customer expectations And your customers will be satisfied.

Exceed their expectation they will be delighted.

This metric can also be calculated by taking customer satisfaction surveys. You can ask some the questions to your customers, about their experience and how they are feeling about your services.

2-What Are The two C’s Of customer satisfaction?


What are those two C’s Of customer satisfaction?

well, they are very simple you might be doing this daily in your life or maybe not.

A - First C Is Consistency.

Now, You Might be Exciting about How consistency is connected to customer satisfaction!

Well, my friend It is the most important part of satisfying your customer. If you have done this you are going to get a very remarkable result.

But How, Prashant

Let me tell you, my friend.

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment. Full of effort is full victory.”

Consistency ensures that your customers should be treated the same every time you met them.

What does that mean?

Simply it means if you sell your first product to your customer you talk to them very nicely during the first interaction. But when they have any query, you are not being there.

You are not talking to them like you have done it Before. when you sold your product to them.

This simply means you are not consistent. If you are doing these it will create a bad brand image for your company. And your sale will fall down

2-Second C is Connection.

This is important to know how can connection helps us to build to customer experience.

If you build a strong connection with your customer my friend. They are going to be your repeated customer. And repeated customers are key to business success.

But you have a question in your mind wait….

I know what is it.

How to build a connection with your customer. Am I right my Friend

I knew that, Let me tell you how you can build a strong connection with your customers.

1- Communicate

My father has a cloth shop whenever he sees a customer of our shop. He used to start communicating with them wherever they meet.

This gives the Customer belief that we Value them.

And Communication is very essential for building a relationship with your customer.

2-Keep in touch

Ask them if they allow, That can I take your phone number whenever a new product come to my shop. I will send you directly in your number.

You can either ask them for their email address. As If they provide their email then you have a lot of chances to generate more leads from them.

And my friend one more thing you can do,

Give them your business card so, that they get in touch with you.

3-Reward Loyal customer

What my father used to do whenever a customer came to our shop. If he/she Coming repeatedly over the past several years.

He used to gift them something or ask them that. They can take any cloth from our shop for Free.

Isn’t it Amazing, For a customer who is loyal to our shop?

That’s what my father does my friend but you can also reward them or you can give them a discount, OR A scheme of Buy One Get One free.

As you can see I have done nothing to provoke legal action
Are my answers to your satisfaction?

3-How to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

In what things does customer satisfaction depend.

1- Price-

Ask your customer Is Our price Fitting good with their budget.

2- Quality-

Ask From your customer What kind of quality you find in our product or what we can improve it to make good.


Ask customers Is Our Delivery Time meets their expectations.

4-Value for money-

Ask your customer Is our product worth it. For them, Our we need to change anything in it.

These are some of the things which I think customer satisfaction depends on.

And with the help of these things you can measure your customer satisfaction. If Your customer is satisfying all these things then your customer satisfaction is high. If not then you should Improve It.

…customers can only give good advice or put us on the right path, but the final forming of a product lies in our own hands.

How to Increase Customer satisfaction?

You want to increase it ok. Wait I will Tell you my friend how you can increase your customer satisfaction in some easy steps.

But What if you don’t have any customers And reading this post. For gaining good customers first you need to make some money. If you are Making then You can read further.

But if you Are not making then don’t worry I have 3 Methods from which you can start making money online. Check it

Now, let’s Focus on our main topic. How we can increase customer satisfaction.

You should know four things to increase it.

1- Reply to all feedback.

Here you should reply to all kinds of feedback your customer is giving to you. Either its a positive feedback or negative feedback. You should know that feedback can change your product or some of the services your customer wants.

Negative feedback helps to describe more what is going wrong with our product.

2- share feedback across your team.

Now you get all the feedback. you should share it with your team No matter if it’s negative feedback. If you don’t tell them they will not improve or they will just think that everything is going well and we should make any changes.

But my friend, They are not the king/queen. The king and queen are your customers by asking them for feedback you are going to improve a lot in your service

3- Provide 24/7 support.

Here your customer is going to get satisfied more and more. Since everyone likes 24/7 service.

All the big companies including Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart all provide 24/7 service. If your customer has any queries he/she can ask you directly at any time. And this will engage your customer with your product.

4- Make collecting feedback a company process

Collect as much feedback as you can, It will only help you to grow, and my friend when I started Collecting feedback mY growth immensely increases.

Take Positive and Negative feedback. Analyze It and improve it.

Be consistent That’s the key to customer satisfaction. And weekly ask your customer about your service.

Thank you,

If this post adds any value to your life. Share it as it only gives the motivation for writing more and more.




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prashant kalkhudiya

prashant kalkhudiya

Content Writer | Copywriter | Blogger | Web Content | SEO | Freelancer

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